We Offer Quality Landscaping in Austin, TX

Your landscape is the first thing people see about your property. Make a great first impression by allowing us to handle all of your landscaping in Austin, TX. At Bloodhound Wildlife Management, LLC, we specialize in residential and commercial landscaping services at competitive prices. More than just helping you maintain your home’s curb appeal, our landscaping solutions help you eliminate the possibilities of pests residing in your home. Let us explain how!

The Areas We Specialize In, Include:
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Mulching

Residential and Commercial Landscaping Solutions

Safety is a Promise

Though it may seem like there’s no correlation between the two, taking good care of your landscape can help you fight off pests. Mainly, when you allow our team to remove stumps, for instance, you are removing an area where pests usually make a home! Overgrown grass, bushy trees, and dead stumps laying around will welcome anything from beetles to termites and potentially more significant animals. Allow our team to help your landscape look better while simultaneously keeping it pest-free. Our team is qualified to handle all of your landscaping needs.

The Only Landscaper You’ll Ever Need

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Our Full Range of Services

Wildlife Trapping/Relocating

Get wildlife back safely into the wild with our professional help. This service includes all native wildlife. We do not transport household pets.

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Drywall, Siding, Roof Patching

Keep pests out of your crawl space with our specialist by your side. (closing off pest entry point)

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Snake Removal

Is your insulation damaged? Allow our experts to fully replace it today.

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Hog Removal

Spray foam insulation can give you energy efficiency while keeping pests out.

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Rodent Removal

Keep your landscape in pristine conditions with our landscaping solutions.

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General Contracting

Work hand in hand with our general contractor for quality home upgrades. (odd jobs/special requests)

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Tree Trimming/Removal

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Fence Repairs/Installation

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Custom Fencing/Gates

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Custom Crawl Space Door (carpentry)

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Enjoy a Wildlife-Free Property Today!

Wildlife belongs in the wild. Allow our experts to perform cruelty-free wildlife removal to put an end to your wildlife invasion issues. Call us at (512) 549-9751 now.